Must go AEON, IF you want to buy souvenirs from Okinawa.

Are you looking for souvenirs from Okinawa, and place to buy?

I recommend that you should go to AEON Naha. They have wide variety of goods which is good for souvenir, like a snacks and alcoholic beverages. If you wonder where you should go to buy souvenirs, why don’t you go to AEON.


How to get AEON Naha

It is easy to get AEON Naha. If you come to the store from the airport, use yui rail, it is two stops form the airport, get off at oroku station.

AEON Naha is close to Oroku station. There is a connecting walkway between the station and AEON.

It takes few minutes by foot. You can see the store form the station, so you won’t miss the direction.

TAX FREEConsumption tax is exempted.

They offer tax free service. To get tax free service you have to bring your passport and payments have to be over ¥5,399 and no more than ¥540,000 (tax included).

It is free to take tax free procedure.

More detail check AEON official web site.

The popular souvenir


If you want to drink awamori at hotel or buy for your friends or family as a gift. They have wide variety of awamori, so you will find perfect bottle.

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sho bottles (1.8 litres), and very small bottles which is good for gift or souvenir. Small bottles are around about 3 dollar to 10 dollar.

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Beniimo Tart

They also have snacks. Famous beniimo tart and chinsuko.purple Beniimo tart is very popular for tourlists, which made with purple sweet potatoes which are Okinawa’s local specialty.


Chinsuko is baked  snack. There are many flavors of it, like a black sugar, chocolate, salt.

Okinawa Soba

Pepper Sauce

Kōrēgusu. Kōrēgusu is made with awamori and red pepper, it is like a tabasco.


Okinawa is famous for its salt. If you like to find good ingredients, why don’t you try these salt!


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