Buying Sim Card at the airport in Hanoi.

If you have sim free smartphone, should buy local sim card to enjoy your trip.

Can get local sim card both at airport and town, This time, I will tell you how to get local 4G(LTE)SIM card at Hanoi Airport (Noi Bai) Vietnam.

Planning to travel in Hanoi?  Before going to travel, please check it out!



How to get local sim card at Hanoi Airport (Noi Bai) Vietnam and use it.

Place to Buy

After getting your baggages at baggage claim and going through custom, on the same floor, there are many tourism information. All of tourism information selling sim card, but each of tourism information selling different cellular company sim card.

I bought at HANOI TOURISM INFORMATION with blue sign.

how to buy sim card at hanoi international airport

When you go to the store, ask store attendant “4G sim card“, they give you a paper that has list of plan. Picture is below.

This store has VINAPHONE4G SIM Card. Tell them your favorite plan and give them money. If your stay is a few days, TORSIST 4G SIM is good enough.

This store only has VINAPHONE SIM Card.

[aside type=”normal”]They don’t accept credit card, only accept cash. Before buying it prepare US dollar or Viet Nam Dong[/aside]

how to set up local sim card

After buying sim card, you do not need do anything, just leave it to shop staff. They insert sim card into your smart phone and activate it.


If you have iPhone and use it
Bring small pin to eject local sim, it is necessary to change sim card.


Enjoy your stay at Hanoi!!


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